Lightgasm: Definition

Lightgasm /lite-ga-sm/ Noun A climax of photographic excitement, characterized by feelings of giddiness, squealing, and mild uncontrollable outbursts of pure glee; Created before or during “golden hour” last light scenarios, typically found in tall grasses, wooded back roads, mountain tops and all other places specific to Montana; Pure photographic perfection.   Origins: FLS original slang…

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Thompson Family

An Eight Foot Wide Porch in August

Every trip to the lake ended the same way, with every present Thompson family member crammed onto an eight foot square section of porch outside the family cabin, arranging themselves in as many combinations as imaginable. Siblings with siblings, cousins with cousins, grandparent with grandchildren, and so on, with Grandma as the centerpiece with revolving…

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Wedding Planning Guide - Flowers

wedding planning guide: flowers

wedding planning guide: flowers 1) who gets flowers? Of course, the bride gets her bouquet, as do the bridesmaids. The groom has his boutonnière, but who else? Include anyone at the wedding that you want to recognize as important to you. Examples are parents, grandparents, aunts / uncles, friends, etc. There is no limit to…

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Get to Know FLS: The Gas Pedal

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step… Mine began staring at a wall. Here I was collegiately educated, with a solid career that paid me consistently every two weeks like clockwork, and yet…. The narrative was missing something. There was no passion, nothing from the heart. I trudged to work,…

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