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Lightgasm: Definition

Lightgasm /lite-ga-sm/ Noun A climax of photographic excitement, characterized by feelings of giddiness, squealing, and mild uncontrollable outbursts of pure glee; Created before or during “golden hour” last light scenarios, typically found in tall grasses, wooded back roads, mountain tops and all other places specific to Montana; Pure photographic perfection.   Origins: FLS original slang…

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Kayla + Ian (6 of 14)

Kayla + Ian: Engagement

When love starts on the diamond, of course you do your engagement photos there! And even though they are a house divided (Mariners vs. Red Sox), you can feel the love from these two the instant you meet them. This August wedding has the makings of an all-timer… you just wait!!!

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Floating Leaf Studios - Montana Engagement Photos (1 of 14)

Lindsey + Luke: Engagement

What do you get when you mix beautiful fall weather, a six (ish) pack of beer, a golf cart, a guided tour of the country club, and two people who are obviously meant to be together?  These… September can’t come quick enough!!!  Can’t wait to be a part of this sure-to-be perfect moment.

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