FLS Experience

The FLS Experience


  • Booking a session is easy. Either send us an email via the website, or give us a call to set up a time for your session.
  • Once your session is confirmed, we will electronically send you a questionnaire, contract and invoice to be completed prior to your session. No need to copy and scan documents; all FLS documents are handled online.
  • Attached to the questionnaire will be the product pricing sheet for the products offered by FLS. By getting this to you early in the process, this allows us to help you create the perfect final product that will display your images proudly.


  • Once your session has been booked and after all the paperwork has been filed, we send you some resources that help you throughout the process of your session and beyond.
  • We grant you access to the FLS Client Portal, which houses links to Pinterest boards, product descriptions, and other online information that helps you become prepared for your session.
  • A few days prior to your session we reconnect to finalize all the details and make sure both parties are on the same page as to the direction of the shoot.

During your Session

  • Expect your session to last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on location.
  • Expect to laugh. Expect to make funny faces. Expect to be yourself, but also expect to be gently prodded into positions will make you look the best for the camera.

Viewing / Ordering Session

  • Once your images are ready to view, we welcome you down to the studio for a viewing and ordering session, where you choose the photos and products that you desire.
  • All decision makers about products should be present at this session as it is the only chance you will have to view and order your session’s images.
  • Using the information from what you’ve told us about your desired products, we help guide you through the options FLS has available. Product samples will be on hand so you can touch, feel (even smell if you like, we don’t judge) the pieces that will become your works of art.
  • These sessions typically last up to an hour. We don’t want to rush you through the decision process and want to make sure you are totally satisfied with your purchase before leaving.
  • The average FLS customer spends between $400 – $800 (session and products included). Session fees are outlined on our website, while the product pricing information can be accessed by sending us a message here.