The Leaf

It’s amazing how little moments in life turn into the things we hold onto. Like a single leaf, floating effortlessly on a lake. Simple enough to go unnoticed, beautiful enough to start a life’s journey.

Our absolute favorite part of what we do is being asked to notice those simple moments in others lives, those moments of love, of family, of connection, of expression. This is when our hearts sings. We are firm believers that when a heart sings throughout life’s journey, it only serves as evidence we are on the right path. And if we let someone else’s heart sing by capturing those all too often unnoticed moments as tangible memories on their yellow brick road… that, my friends, makes what we do worth every effort.


other fls programs

The Junior Photography Group (JPG) is a program intended to teach basic digital photography skills and principles to kids aged 11-15 in Helena, Montana. Floating Leaf Studios, in coordination with other local photographers from all backgrounds, will provide hands on learning and training to kids interested in the art of photography.
The Challenge Club is a group of semi-professional and professional photographers from the Helena area who complete monthly challenges in all realms of photography, business and life.