Limited Edition Session vs. Full Family Session: Which is better for you?

The autumn colors are by far the most popular draw for our family clients. Everyone tries to guess when Mother Nature will begin the process, and tries to take advantage of her offerings for their yearly portrait session. The question then becomes: Limited Edition Session or Full Session? Let us explain the difference.

Limited Edition Sessions

  • Quicker session length
    • The LES are designed to be quick hitters. It only takes 10 – 20 minutes to get all the shots we need, which is perfect for busy schedules, children with short attention spans, or fathers who would rather be watching football or chasing elk then staring at a camera.
  • Unique setup
    • We take the time to create unique photo themes during these sessions, and add a little different feel to your images. Whether adding in props, couches, or other elements, we make these just like their names… Limited Edition photographic experiences.
  • Unique Location
    • We choose one location for all the LES, which allows you to have unique access to areas that aren’t used for traditional family portraits.
  • Budget Friendly
    • At half the session investment as a full session, these sessions are perfect for the family with a specific photography budget but still looking for the same quality of images.
  • Perfect for Holiday cards and gifts
    • The portraits that are taken during these sessions typically have a very specific purpose. They either adorn this year’s Holiday card, update last year’s family canvas hanging in the living room, or fill Grandma and Grandpa’s stalkings at Christmas time.
  • More structured
    • Portraits from these sessions are usually more posed, more formal, as we are trying to fill a very specific need. (Note: See previous point)

Limited Edition Session Example Portraits
Fall Limited Edition Session

Full Family Sessions

  • More time at the session
    • The full family session experience lets us take the time to really figure out the essence of your family. It takes time for everyone to relax, for the kids to become comfortable with this strange person in front of them with a weird looking device, and for the true connections of your family to reveal themselves.
  • More time = more images
    • Obviously, the more time we spend with your family, the more opportunities we are provided to create amazing images. We go beyond the basic combinations of those involved, and look for little things (hands being held, wardrobe pieces, silly faces, etc) that show connection.
  • More location options
    • To tell the story of your family we need to be in a location that supplements that story. If you spend time together at the river, lets go to the river. If you love baseball, let’s meet at the diamond. If you like eating ice cream while strolling downtown, let’s go to the Walking Mall. Location emphasizes who you are, and these sessions allow us to do that.
  • More flexibility in scheduling time
    • Because we are spending the time to find invest in the connection of your family, we can find a time that works best for your schedule. Is that a weekend? Is that a Tuesday? We are flexible in finding a time that works for everyone.
  • More Candid
    • Want to feel more like you are on a family outing and less like a traditional photo session? The secret to creating images that show the real you is to make you feel like you are NOT in front of the camera. We play games, we laugh, we act like superheroes. These make your images less staged and more telling as to who you are together.
  • Allow for creativity
    • When allowed to create more images from a session, we are granted the ability to play. Believe me, as an artist there is no better feeling than being given the creative free reign to create “outside the box” style images. Just how your family is unique, we crave to create unique images just for you and you only.

Full Session Example Portraits

What do they both offer?

No matter what session type you choose, there are a few things that always come with. Both include access to the same heirloom quality products that your portraits deserve, and at the same price. Product prices for one type are the same as the other. Both sessions include a post session reveal and ordering experience that helps finish the process of getting your portraits on the wall. You still get the FLS style, but most of all you still get the same amazing, goofy, spontaneous, fun loving photographers that make this whole experience worth it’s weight in gold.