Montana Lake Proposal: Jessie + Bryce

He met a girl.
They fell in love.
They moved to the lake.
He ordered a ring.
We set up a photo shoot.
She thought for “products”.
He created a video.
I drove to the cabin.
We jumped.
He probably farted.
We laughed.
He laid out a blanket.
He pressed play.
Her family (new and old) shared their love.
They held each other close.
He dropped to a knee.

I got one of the biggest honors a sibling can have. I got to be there documenting the moment my little brother popped the question.

The saying about two people being “meant” for each other could not fit more perfectly with these two. Bursting with vibrance, with creativity, with quirkiness only their own, these two are beaming with LIFE and now get to spend the rest of it together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of this moment. We all can’t wait to be part of the rest of them.