The Parking Ticket I Wish I Got


Over time I’ve collected souvenirs from various moments in life that held importance. Things that have marked momentous occasions that would tell the story of my time here and memories that endear forever. A ticket stub from a visit to Fenway Park, a stone from my favorite river during a fishing trip, a set of Goofy ears from a family vacation to Disney World. They are vehicles that transport me back and induce fuzzy, happy feelings.

But what about a parking ticket?

Yes, you read that right. There was a time where I wanted a parking ticket, but didn’t get it. The same guy that would beg and plead with the parking lot attendant in college to not cite me for parking in the faculty spot for “5 minutes” while I dropped off an assignment. A parking ticket that would have acted as a tangible reminder of the day and time that would forever change my trajectory in business.

The very same day where two business owners, who until then had been competing on market share, clientele and intellectual property, discussed the potential creation of a dream come true, that neither had considered before.

How this idea hadn’t surfaced sooner is kind of suspicious, but as we sat and discussed the “what it could be” and all the advantages of coming together it became strikingly obvious that this was the way to go. What started as a few off hand comments to a bewildered colleague about not giving up and a promise to hire her prior to her throwing all her skill and hard work away, started a dialog of “What about this?”.

As the coffee disappeared and the dialog continued, we could literally not find a reason to not join forces. A shared fierce passion for our craft, a consistent visual style, a yin and yang of strengths and weaknesses in the running of our businesses, and a shared desire for something more. More expression, more expansion, more desire to further our skills, our images and our personal lives as business owners, more ambition to take our value to our clients to the next level, and then the level after that, and then the level after that.

Why not do that together?

As we left the coffeehouse four hours after our initial gathering, with a promise to talk it over with those around us to verify the decision (but confident in the reaction as we outlined the proposition), I walked towards my truck that had been residing in a two-hour parking spot since the beginning. And yes, a majority of my gut taunted the windshield wiper where the ticket usually would reside in this instance. After checking, and double checking, to no avail, I kind of felt cheated. This was the day that would mark a beginning of the next step in my business, and I couldn’t even have a city-issued infraction to put on the wall and remember it by.

Oh well. I guess the ticket she got will have to do.