Rainboots and Umbrellas

I live most of my life uptight and proper with no room for messy hands. That is, until it rains. Somehow as the raindrops hit the ground releasing that delightful smell a magical spell is cast on me and I turn into a little kid again.

Hi, I’m Jacqui and I love mud puddles.

Whenever it rains, I rush my four kiddos outside to jump their little hearts out while I photograph them. We live in the perfect spot where the rain water collects on the street right in front of our house. This is the one time in my parenting career that I allow mess. In fact the muddier, the wetter, the messier the better.

Click, click, click, click. My camera knows the rhythm well. Each droplet frozen mid air as rain boots hover just centimeters over the puddle. Action shots of kids are my favorite. In real life we miss some of the best moments that happen too fast for our eye to see, but in a photo we see the incredible amount of energy and glee that happen when the rubber meets the puddle.

I love photographing kids (of all ages) splashing in mud puddles so much that we designed a very special Limited Edition Session just for you and your family. Life can be so dreary and mundane sometimes, especially after a long winter. We need as many opportunities as possible to get a little messy and remind ourselves to have fun too.

Join us this Saturday for our Mud Puddles Limited Edition Session. Bring the family and the rain boots and get ready to enjoy life as a kid again.

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Also, be prepared for lots of squeals coming from behind the camera…I told you I get a wee bit excited when it rains.