Do you know how beautiful you are? Sometimes it is just hard to love the woman staring back at us in the mirror. I’ve been there. We instantly pick out our flaws and rarely can we see the beauty that is really there. Those eyebrows, the shape of your jaw, the love handle that won’t go away. But the truth is the world sees your radiating smile, your honest eyes, the love you hold in your heart.

r.a.w.’s are my personal favorite. It’s hard to talk about what this session means to me without getting a little teary eyed. The lives and stories I get to share in, the trust given, the vulnerability shared between women, and the celebration of you! I could do these sessions all day long.

r.a.w.’s can be classy boudoir, a glamour shoot, a stylized session, or anything you can dream of. They may be a gift for a loved one, a reward for a goal achieved, or just because you deserve it. Whatever you choose, know you will be pampered from start to finish. And be warned you might need some tissues when you view your gallery which is a wonderful thing.

What is RAW?

Raw sessions can take many forms. Boudoir, conceptual, glamour, these sessions is only limited by your imagination.

Why do a RAW?

Celebrate you. Wedding night presents for him, anniversaries, weight loss goals, birthdays, and other milestones. Boost your confidence. Or just because.

What RAW does…

Many times these sessions start as a gift for someone else, but almost every time they become a bigger gift for YOU.