The Season of Thankfulness

Melissa and Chris - Wedding (35 of 227)

One of America’s most quotable authors (or at least according to his Wikipedia page) William Arthur Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude without expressing it is like wrapping a present and never giving it.” Most quotable or not, the man has a point. Too many days we forget (or just plain don’t) express the feelings we have for the people that make us who we are, as business owners, as people. Today is not that day.

Call it the time of year. Call it the season of thankfulness. Call it the final stages of a year that has propelled us to new heights. Potato potato. No matter the reason, it is time we reflect on a few things we are thankful for and the people responsible for them.

First and foremost, the “we” I reference is my breathtakingly strong and forgiving family. As I step out of the “we” and into the “I” for a moment, FLS wouldn’t even be in existence without their unwavering support and guidance. They are my sounding board, my propeller, my “why” when long nights editing and fatigue from multiple sessions in a day begin to add up. Without them, there would be nothing more than a personal hobby and means of escape from another means of financial acquisition (or day job).

Secondly, on behalf of the “we” I can’t thank the families and subjects that trust in our ability to make their everyday moments into pillars of their existence. We are truly blessed to work with many notably amazing and inspiring people in very notably amazing and inspiring times of their lives and this is the one thing that keeps me coming back to this “job” day in and day out. Each one perfectly unique in their own way, the plaid work created by their willingness to be in front of my lens is not something that is taken lightly. We take to heart the request to form those pillars one shutter release at a time, and without these completely astounding clients our job would hold no purpose.

Lastly, to the team of people who work behind the scenes of FLS that keep the machine well oiled and focused on the horizon. This journey is only as special as the people included in it and we are thoroughly blessed to have many strong willed and creative people in our corner that help us provide the best service and product we can. They don’t see the forefront of our business success often, but I make it a mission to make sure they know how truly appreciated they are.

And not just during the season of thankfulness.