wedding planning guide: wedding dresses

wedding planning guide: wedding dresses

1) keep an open mind
We all have that idea in our mind about what our perfect wedding dress would be like. Although coming in with a few ideas will help the decision making process, but being open to something you would have never thought of can sometimes be exactly what you are looking for.

2) shop early
Once you decide on a dress, it can take up to 4-6 months to arrive and another 1-2 months to get all the alterations done to make it perfect. Don’t be afraid to shop up to a year in advance to make sure you get exactly what you want.

3) make an appointment
Many dress shops can fit in walk-in clients, but to ensure that you have a fitting room and a consultant all to yourself, make an appointment to choose your dress. The one-on-one advice of a consultant can make all the difference.

4) bring only trusted advisors to your appointment
A bride tribe can be a crucial part to choosing the right dress, but too many opinions make the process harder and more time consuming. Instead, stick to 3-4 of your most trusted advisors whose input will be constructive and efficient.

5) be realistic with your budget
Go into your appointment with a clear budget in mind. The average cost for a dress can be around $1,500, not including alterations. New styles typically arrive in December and July, so shopping around these times can help you find the perfect dress for less as well.

6) there fifty shades of white
We’ve all dreamed of this perfect white dress since we were kids, but it doesn’t have to be white. Pure white, ivory, champaign, blushes, multi-tone… there are literally dozens of options when it comes to the color of your dress. Choose a color that not only matches your skin tone, but also is in line with the style of your day.

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