wedding planning guide: rings

wedding planning guide: rings

wedding planning guide: engagement / wedding rings

1) how do I know her size?
Get creative here guys. If you can sneak one of her rings away for a day without her knowing, the jeweler can size her engagement ring from there. If you aren’t that stealthy, put the ring on your finger and mark where it stops (assuming her fingers are smaller, of course). The jeweler will be able to get the size from this, too.

2) choose a ring that fits your lifestyle
Are you more active? Does your occupation have certain demands on your hands? I am married to a nurse, who is constantly washing her hands at work. We made sure her rings had stones built into the design, not just held in by prongs, so she wouldn’t lose a stone.

3) think outside the diamond box
Diamonds aren’t always necessary. Rings with different stone types offer more personalization and character. Remember, though, diamonds, rubies and sapphires are the most durable stones and the best choice for bridal rings.

4) carot isn’t always king
Of course, the most common way to judge a stone’s value is by the size. However, the other three “C”s (color, cut, and clarity) can make a ring just as valuable. Some jewelers will show you examples of each type, making sure you get the perfect one for you.

5) is custom design always more expensive?
Not necessarily. There are ways to make your own custom ring without breaking the bank. Consider recycling Grandma’s wedding ring stone to create a more personal and cost effective option. Sometimes a simple ring is more elegant and less expensive to create.

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