Why Do A First Look on Your Wedding Day

Tradition tells us to wait until the bride walks down the aisle to see her in her wedding dress for the first time. As someone that did it this way, I can speak to the emotion and the nerves of this moment. However, after witnessing a hundred wedding ceremonies, we have found that seeing her prior to this moment actually has a ton of benefits.

  1. It’s the most intimate moment of the day.
  2. You’ve dreamt of this day. You’ve dreamt of this person. Enjoy a moment of just the two of you during the chaos that is a wedding day. Take ten minutes, hide away from all the bridal party and family, and really appreciate the power of this day.

  3. Get rid of the nerves early.
  4. He’s usually clammy and fidgety. She’s giggling and sweating. Seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day is a nerve-wrackingly awesome experience. By doing a first look prior to all the festivities you can enjoy those nerves before you stand in front of a ton of people. It gives you the ability to react however you need to, be that tears or be that laughter and share that with the person you chose forever.

  5. Free up the rest of the wedding day schedule.
  6. Doing a first look has a huge benefit on the schedule and overall pace of the day. It’s the eye of the storm; it’s the ability to breath during a whirlwind of activity. By carving out this time for just the two of you in the beginning, it actually allows for more opportunities later in the day to have just the two of you together. You can sneak away later for more couples shots (read SUNSET) which can turn out to be the most magical of the day.

  7. The photos turn out better.
  8. Catching that moment when you first see your partner on your wedding day is a powerful thing. Sometimes there’s tears, sometimes there’s cheers, but every time there are constant smiles and enormous hugs. That is raw emotion. By letting your photographer choose the location to do this it ensures that you get the best images, as opposed to relying on the conditions down the aisle (which may be more difficult to manage).

  9. It can save you money.
  10. Think about this. The more time you have between the ceremony and reception the more money you will have to spend on drinks and hors d’oeuvres to keep your guests entertained. It allows you to get a majority of the group photos (bridal party, couples, even family) done early, which typically frees up the time between the ceremony and reception when those photos would be taken normally. If you are doing the ceremony and reception at the same location, minimizing the time between both is crucial to making sure you have happy guests…unless you provide LOTS of beer.

  11. Don’t forget about Dad.
  12. This day is just as monumental for your parents as it is for you. As a parent, seeing their daughter in a wedding dress is a sure fire way to evoke tears and smiles. I would bet most times it is both an abrupt thrust back to your childhood as Daddy’s little girl and a realization that today marks a new chapter in his world with you. Many times doing a first look with Dad right before seeing your groom is the perfect way to start this meaningful day.